Taking the Plunge

“Kishan Paul creates sizzling sexual tension while building a relationship between two conflicted souls. It’s funny, touching, and REAL all at the same time. Once you turn the final page, you’ll definitely want more after reading this short story!” — Heather Rawlings

“Taking the Plunge is lighthearted and funny with a touch of spice. Kishan will leave you wanting more.” — Jena Baxter, author of Reflections

“This is one of those stories that starts by grabbing your heart and squeezing. Pete and Eve live in the same apartment complex and attend the same high school. Though they’re totally different people, they share an unknown bond and are both going through struggles with themselves and their families.

Fast forward eight years, and things have changed for both of them. Not realizing that they once lived in the same building, they have an adorable and somewhat painful (for Pete) reunion. Even though there’s an attraction on both ends, Eve has good reasons to be wary of starting a relationship with him. But that sure as hell doesn’t stop Pete from wanting one.

This is a story about realistic characters that have flaws, wear sweatpants, and burn dinner. While it is sad that the characters had to endure a sad past, seeing Pete and Eve overcome their issues is inspirational and perfect for a feel-good story. Taking the Plunge has that rare perfect blend of humor, emotion, and sexiness. It’s a perfect read to lift your spirits.” — Kelly Lincoln

“With main characters who both come with their own baggage and troubled pasts, Taking The Plunge does an amazing job and weaving them together. You slip into the minds of both and go on the journey with each of them. Great work!” — Kristen Sanchez

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 Taking The Plunge

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There’s a Hole in the World – by The Eagles