The Widow’s Keeper (Book 2)

No matter how fast or far you run, your past will follow…

Three years have passed, and Ally’s memories of her kidnapping and torture still haunt her. Determined to keep her demons at bay, David refuses to leave her side.


The lies woven to protect come unraveled. Ally has no choice but to return to the land that once imprisoned her. This time, instead of the sociopath who tormented her years ago, she faces his angry brother. A brother whose thirst for vengeance threatens to destroy everything and everyone she holds dear.


  • Wow!! The Widow’s Keeper by Kishan Paul is another edge of your seat read by this talented author. Ms Paul has given us a well-written story and filled it with amazing characters. Ally’s saga continues from The Second Wife and yes, you may shed a tear or two, but oh, what an amazing tale. Ms Paul brings Ally’s struggle to life in the pages of this book. The drama, action and suspense will hold readers captive from the first page to the last. I LOVED The Widow’s Keeper and look forward to the next book of this series. – Amazon Reviewer Deb D.
  • What I absolutely love about Kishan Paul’s story-telling is that none of her characters are only good or only bad. She has a way of making me sympathize with a villain even while hating him, and judging a hero even while rooting for him. The complexity of the characters are what make them unforgettable. – Amazon Reviewer AJ
  • OMG this book was everything I imagined the second part to Ally’s story would be and more.
    It was full of love , regret, sadness , horror and a woman finding the strength to move into a new chapter in her life.
    This book sucks you in and digs down deep into your emotions, some parts were hard for me to read but I couldn’t stop wanting to find out where the author was going next with the story.
    Kishan is a true artist with her storytelling, her words paint a vivid picture of what is going on in the world of Ally. – Amazon Reviewer Sharon