Stolen Hearts

He ripped her life apart. She’s dreamed of doing the same to him ever since.

Six years after leaving town, Charlotte Heart returns to Texas to face the man who destroyed her family. When she finds herself stranded with him in a dusty little antique shop, she finally has the chance for retribution. But it’s not only anger that boils in her veins.

Lucas Prescott is still haunted by the loss of his best friend—a death he caused. Knowing he will never deserve happiness, he is content with his self-imposed solitude. When a winter storm brings a feisty, curly-haired reminder from the past, Charlotte re-ignites a desire that not even the weather can cool.

Sparks explode between the two, exposing fragile hearts and dark secrets that will either heal their wounds or destroy them both.


  • WOW! This is an emotional read that had me flipping the pages as fast as I could. Kishan Paul tells the story of Charlotte and Lucas in such a way that you feel like you’re right there. – Amazon Reviewer Penny
  • Beautiful and powerful, this book drew tears, sighs, smiles and made my stomach flip at times. – Amazon Reviewer Yomari