Celebrate Romance Blog Hop Sponsored by Fanged Fantasy     My Favorite Romance Character Hangs head down and raises right hand. My name is Kishan Paul and I’m a lover of romantic stories. It doesn’t matter how bad the story line is, if it’s about love I’ll read it. (Clarification: Romance between humans. No desire to read about man and animal/dinosaur/hairy extra-large footed creatures…sorry). For a love story to make me clench my chest and sigh, there has to be certain specific elements: a handsome hunk, a lovely lady, some serious angst, and a whole lot of crying (the crying typically performed by yours truly).Read More →

The Ones: The Wolf at… by Kishan Paul   The Ones is a writing blog game in which participants receive a story title, a little wrinkle to up the challenge factor and then must create a single draft story in no more than one hour from the prompt.  The game was fun and I hope you enjoyed reading the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.  Since I had already written the next prompt, I figured I’d share it anyway.  Here’s my last contribution to the One’s.   The Wolf at…   The sound of my father arguing with the strange men in blackRead More →