Title: Beyond Repair Author: Kelly Lincoln Genre: Contemporary Romance Published: October 31, 2015 Five years ago, Brooke had everything she wanted… until it disappeared like a magic trick. While she grieved the loss of her perfect future, fate sealed it. Moving on wasn’t an option. It was a requirement. Now, Brooke has more money than she knows what to do with. But she also has panic attacks, no relationships outside her family, and a daughter. Brooke may have shut down, but there is no way to numb the constant terror that Mia could be taken away from her. She spends her days looking over her shoulderRead More →

    Presented by: Sparkle Book Tours Insignificant – The Goldenrod Series #1 by Kelly Lincoln   Audience: New Adult 18+ Genre: Romantic Suspense Format: E-book and Paperback Publisher:Kelly Lincoln Cover by: Najla Qamber Designs. Cover photo by Lindee Robinson Photography Editor: Editing 4 Indies Date Published: 6/10/15 Blurb Due to explicit language, sexual content, and dark themes, reader discretion is advised. When Taylor was four years old, she became an orphan and her childhood spiraled into darkness. She spent years lying, hiding, and avoiding any love offered to her until she was old enough to run away from all the threats of her past.Read More →