The Second Wife

“Speechless. There were times while reading Second Wife where I literally caught myself not breathing. It’s that intense.”

“If you read page one, you’ll want to read the rest. Kishan Paul does an amazing job with The Second Wife. The mystery, the suspense, pain and drama you go through in this novel will take your breath away.”

“I had tears streaming by chapter 6. Kishan Paul does such an amazing job and pulling you into the world she’s created, you feel like you’re there with her characters. Sometimes the intensity will scare you, but your desire to see the good prevail will keep you reading.”

“Beware the reader who is hard to move. This novel will rock your boat.”

“No way you are walking away from this one the same way. I actually took a break between this novel and my next one. I wasn’t ready to begin another journey just yet. Amazing work, Kishan Paul.”

“A sinister allure to this writing. I couldn’t read through this fast enough. I wanted to get through the journey so badly my brain felt like I had an outdated way of processing information. Great story.”

“Amazing, wonderful, fast paced and contemporary tale! Second Wife will not disappoint you.”

“Thing about Second Wife is that not only could it be a true story, it most likely is for someone out there. Kishan Paul gave a name to that ‘someone’ and this is not an easy story to shake.”

“This is a gripping story, brilliantly woven from start to finish. I’ll never forget Ally. She’s as real to me as anyone else because her story isn’t some forgettable fictional work. Scary to know this type of stuff really happens. Great job, Kishan Paul!”

“The Second Wife brings a voice to the voiceless. This is no watered down piece for those with a weak stomach for drama and suspense. It’s an amazing chunk of writing that pulls you in from the start and keeps you there until the end.”

“I can’t say enough for The Second Wife! Suspense, mystery, and a heart-pounding emotional ride that has you begging from more. This is an amazing story!”

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Inspiration for The Second Wife

Phillip Phillips – by Gone Gone Gone