Passion Awakened: Beyond The Mist Novella

by Valerie Twombly

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Day: March 27, 2017
She’s fated to break his curse. He’s destined to kill her.
With his clan trapped and starving, vampire Andrei Vladimir will stop at nothing to save them. But an ancient curse compels him to waste precious time hunting the vile creatures he creates every time he feeds. With the clock ticking, he weaves a trap to lure the fated female who can save them all.FATED
Sonia Covaci doesn’t believe her grandmother’s visions of the future. But when a purchased trinket brings dreams of a mysterious stranger, her small town American life threatens to spin out of control. Sensing he is in danger, she does the unthinkable and boards a plane for Romania.Sonia follows her fate. Andrei moves in for the sacrifice. Never did he imagine the female destined to break the curse would become the woman he couldn’t afford to lose.Reviews:

“I recommend this to anyone who loves PNR.
I was completely captivated by this book and devoured it. It was an emotional roller coaster of Heartbreak, Hope, Devastation, Strength and Trust.” Goodreads

“Once I picked up this book I wasn’t able to put it down . This was a very compelling story that grabbed me by the heart in the first chapter. You will fall in love with Andrei Vladimir. His story is a sad and compelling one.” Goodreads

Sonia stood in the shower with her forehead against the cool tile and let the hot water roll down her back. She should have been taking a cold shower after the dream she’d had last night. Again, the same mysterious man whose features she couldn’t make out. Only that he had golden hair and a body any woman would drool over. A voice smoother than the finest silk, and even though she hadn’t seen them, she knew his eyes blazed with the fire of emeralds.
She had seriously lost her mind. Or the stories her grandmother told her were true. She smiled when she thought about how her mother and father had met. They always liked to share the story of how Sonia’s mother had moved from Romania to America to go to Cornell University. Her English was a little shaky, so she was given a tutor who happened to be Sonia’s father. He was the man of her dreams––literally, according to grandmother. The Covaci women apparently dreamt of their future spouses. Crazy? Yes, but there were a lot of strange things about the women in her family. Being gypsies was only the tip of the iceberg.
Grabbing the shampoo, she squeezed a dollop into her hand and scrubbed it through her tangled hair. How long had she been having dreams of her handsome stranger? So long, she was positive if she ran into him on the street, she would blush immediately. She might not recognize his face, but her body knew his touch, and her soul knew him intimately. Most people didn’t believe in fate, and Sonia wasn’t sure she did either. However, the elder Covaci she called Nana was a firm believer and taught her that destiny wasn’t something a person could evade. It would find you no matter what. Sonia gave a snort. There was no way the stud muffin in her dreams would ever find her. He was simply a figment of her desperate and lonely imagination.
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“True love has no boundaries. It knows no space or time. Human or immortal, true love will always find you.”

Legend spins a tale of Korinna, a beautiful witch. With loving parents who doted on her, she wanted for nothing. On her fifth birthday, tragedy struck when her mother became ill and was suddenly taken from her. For two years, it was only Korinna and her father, until one day he fell in love. Her father married, and their family grew. Korinna’s copper curls and wide violet eyes were a contrast to her four siblings’raven locks and emerald gazes. The men showered her with attention while ignoring her sisters, stealing their chances for love and marriage. On her eighteenth birthday, her resentful stepmother placed a curse upon her.

Korinna would forever walk the earth, never finding her own true love.

Her desire to help others sent her time traveling through exotic lands, collecting keepsakes along the way. With her treasures in hand, she placed an enchantment upon each of them. It is said whoever possesses one of these trinkets will be blessed with true love.

So remember, the next time you step into a small shop, take a close look around. Do you sense the magic? If you happen to spot a beautiful redhead with sparkling violet eyes, it just might be Korinna, setting up shop in your town. Take care, for the treasure that whispers to you—to lift it from its resting place and take it home—could lead you straight to your one true love.