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Why the Men of Machismo series?

Most authors realize series are a good deal because you create the world and the characters and can visit as much as you like. With that in mind, I created the Men of Machismo.

My inspiration for this was a high school friend who became a male dancer, but to me he was just someone I knew. He was someone from my childhood. In some ways, he was hard to think of him as a stripper. In doing so, it changed him from the person I knew to some faceless entity who took off his clothes in front of screaming women.

Truthfully, he’s a gorgeous man. On the other hand, he was a regular guy who likes sports, practical jokes, and weightlifting. His hardest area was dating. He didn’t want to date women who came to watch him dance because they regarded him as beefcake or a trophy.

This got me thinking what life must be like for men from a male revue. I came up with The Men of Machismo series. Each man goes on to a more ordinary occupation, but keeps his previous occupation a secret. How people react to the man’s former job tells more about the person that it does the man.

I also did the series as a take on the classic tale of a stripper working her way through college.

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The Men of Machismo #1
Morgan Kay
Released May 12th, 2016
Sleeping Dragon Press



The Men of Machismo series revolves around nine friends who worked together in a male revue. Each book follows the life of a different former dancer seven years later. The Bad Decision Legacy is Will and Tonya’s story.

Tonya’s psychotic ex is stalking her. Not the best time to meet men, still her best friend begs her to show up for blind date dinner. Her plan includes the meet and greet, then heading home. Of course, she never expected a man who sent every hormone in her body into high alert. Will looked like her next bad decision.

Will’s work as a divorce lawyer included discouraging embittered women from ramming their soon to be exes with the car or setting fire to their husband’s latest girlfriend. No wonder he fell hard for Tonya. The first woman he met with no agenda, well almost none. It’s obvious Tonya is knee deep in trouble, but refuses to ask for help. Instead of running the other way, he contemplates dashing into the tornado she refers to as her life. With any luck, he might survive.




Lynne merely lifted an eyebrow as she opened the front door. Her friend waited for them both to pass, before speaking.

Their hostess babbled as entered. “Ah, well, we got the awkward introductions out of the way. I forgot to mention to Tonya that Marc invited you. I forgot until you arrived.” Lynne managed to deliver the words with a straight face, but winked in Tonya’s direction.

Tonya sucked in her lips, controlling her laughter. Unfortunately, her friend would never be a great actress. Her words sounded as stiff as any business owner who attempted to make his own cut-rate commercial.

Tonya excused herself by pointing in the direction of the bathroom, not trusting herself to resist laughing. Lynne acknowledged her signal while guiding Will to the family room, where mellow jazz music and glassware tinkling emanated. Marc must already be making his special martinis. The memory of various drinks in brilliant colors, with exotic names, made her regret her detour to the bathroom. After shutting the door with a little more energy than needed, she turned on the faucet full blast, covering her laughter.

Seriously, did Lynne think she was fooling anyone? Did Will think she showed up on her own, with no hint a single man might be the lure? A quick glance in the mirror revealed a flushed face. It was hard to tell if it was from laughing or playing her part in this farce. Dampening a washcloth, she patted her face. Thank goodness, she hadn’t bothered with full makeup. Her goal was to look like she hadn’t expected to encounter an eligible male. Well, she accomplished that all right with her ponytail and jeans.

Nothing she could do about it now. She stuck her tongue out at her mirrored image. Her goal was not to encourage the man, but to score a free meal. A small sigh escaped as she turned the doorknob. Remembering the spark that zipped up her arm when he touched her hand, the man had potential. Try not to think about it. The last thing she needed was the emotional roller coaster that came with dating. She never managed to exit the horror ride called Clint. It was still going, whether she wanted to be on it or not. That would be a hard thing to explain in a budding relationship.

God, listen to me. Budding relationship. Get a grip, chick. Michelle pointed out the man must be a mess if his own fiancée abandoned him to become a man. Will would be smart to avoid me, because I’m a train wreck in the making, with a full-time stalker and the possibility of unemployment in the near future.

Morgan K Wyatt writes steamy romances with a side of laughter under the name of Morgan Kay. The wisecracking heroines and hunky heroes are similar to the ones in her mainstream novels, but in the Steamy Interludes series, the bedroom door is left open.  Real life issues, humor, dogs are also staples in Morgan Kay romances.


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